weartexhibitions | The character moulded in clay
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The character moulded in clay

Cristina Sitja Rubio

The exhibition The character moulded in clay comes from a character created by Cristina Sitja Rubio to illustrate What to do on a Sunday?, a picture book whose drawings were made by the technique of engraving. From there Cuchuplum, which is the name of the character, gained prominence in the artist’s work until it became part of many other projects carried out in different techniques and formats: illustration, stop motion and ceramics.

1. Qué hacer un domingo

2. Objets Perdus

3. Cerámica


21 original illustrations, 14 engravings, 1 collage, 1 animation short, 18 representations of scenes in ceramic and around 40-50 pieces of ceramic. Unframed works.


From Madrid.


Cristina Sitja Rubio