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Paths of the Forest

Cristina Sitja Rubio, Violeta Lópiz, Valerio Vidali, Manuel Marsol y Nicolai Troshinsky

Paths of the Forest’s exhibition is a hymn to forests and biodiversity through the disparate interpretations that five contemporary illustrators make of this commonplace. It is composed of five illustrators, Manuel Marsol, Cristina SitjaRubio, Violeta Lópiz, Valerio Vidali and NicolaiTroshinsky, and is made up of all the illustrations from 3 picture books accompanied by the pertinent text from each one of them, two dynamic illustrations and an animated short.


1. Strange Creatures de Cristina Sitja Rubio

2. El bosque de Violeta Lópiz y Valerio Vidali

3. Yõkai de Manuel Marsol

Caminos de bosque

Forests are a fundamental element for economic and social development. Protecting them is our duty as human beings. Giving visibility to their fragility, to the mystery that surrounds them, to the enrichment of walking on their paths, is what this exhibition intends.

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Desde Madrid


Cristina Sitja Rubio, Manuel Marsol, Valerio Vidali, Violeta Lópiz