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Manuel Marsol & Javier Sáez Castán

What is a museum? A place to store images? A device with which to view the world? Or an updated edition of Plato’s cave, the place where reality originates, becoming, in this case, a simple projection of the paintings?

Mvsevm shows us a wandering Edward Hopper, whom we find on a summer morning with a strange building which seems to be all things at once. Like some kind of amalgamation of Psycho and The Woman in the Window, what begins as a chance visit due to a breakdown ends up as a pictorial adventure in which reality and art swap roles more than once… (J. Sáez Castán)



Manuel Marsol and Javier Sáz Castán


Mvsevm came from the close collaboration of two famed Spanish artists of national and international prestige. Javier Sáez Castán and Manuel Marsol, who count among their many awards the National Illustration Award 2016 (Javier Sáez Castán) and the Bologna Fair International Prize for Illustration 2017 (Manuel Marsol).

Both illustrators were interested in creating a joint project, a picture book based on a story of Javier’s illustrated by Manuel, and created specifically to take the leap from the pages of this picture book to the exhibition circuit.

Bio Manuel

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49 paintings on wood, Sketches-book and Model of the stage of The Museum.


From Madrid


Javier Sáez Castán, Manuel Marsol