weartexhibitions | Monster, humans and other stangers
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Monster, humans and other stangers

Javier Saez Castán

The Swamp Thing, The Galaxy of Terror, El engendro de las profundidades… (Strangers)We are in 2023 and the old monsters from the comics and the B series have stopped being scary. While bombs fall on Eastern Europe and pandemics threaten to strike again, who can fear those vintage plush toys and papier-mâché creatures, those wardrobe monsters? Time, our own ferocity, has made them harmless and even endearing. It is then the moment to recover them, to notice the new meaning of the word Strangers: it will no longer be identified with “monsters”, but it will acquire the nuance of misfit, different, strange. It will be up to us to decide what we do with them, what place they have in the vertigo of our changing societies.


Javier Sáez Castán
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40 original illustrations + other documents


From Alicante


Javier Sáez Castán