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The Metamorphosis

Manuel Marsol

Should I follow Kafka and not show Gregorio or should I draw an expressionist monster lying on a bed? Not showing Gregor was complicated. But in reality it was so simple to follow Kafka’s suit since I would ask Ottomar Starke, the illustrator of the cover, not to show the bug. (M. Marsol)



Manuel Marsol

La metamorfosis de F. Kafka

In Marsol’s work, we encounter these sinewy figures who appear to indicate constant movement, haggard and disguised in constricted and oppressive environments. As if, all of a sudden, the protagonist’s view was unable to properly calibrate the dimension of each space. They are distant, monstrous and icy characters, outlines with violence and painted with contrasted colours, which portray that increasingly terrifying vision of a petrified world.

Biografía Manuel






12 original illustrations on wood, 4 sketches on paper, 3 notebook’s artist and 4 giclée prints


From Madrid in a box


Manuel Marsol