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Pablo Auladell

Pablo Auladell (Alicante, España, 1972) Got the Second Best Illustrated Book for Children Award in 2005 (Spanish Ministry of Culture) and the Best New Talented Author Award in the Saló del Cómic de Barcelona 2006 for the graphic novel La Tour Blanche (published in France by Actes Sud L’An2).

He has just been honoured with the 2016 National Comic Award for “Paradise Lost” (published in England by Random House).

Working both in comic and illustration, sometimes even blurring the limits between those two languages, Auladell has revisited the classics and has worked in contemporary texts as well as from his own narrative and graphic territory. Elegant, lyric and delicate but strong and worrying at the same time, he applies above all the principle according to which every story requires its own graphic expression in order to be organically coherent. His images always suggest a particular dialogue between the tradition and the contemporaneousness.

His last works are La feria abandonada (Barbara Fiore, 2013), La leyenda del Santo Bebedor (Zorro Rojo, 2014), La puerta de los pájaros (Impedimenta, 2014), El Paraíso perdido (Sexto Piso, 2015), Potemkin (Zorro Rojo, 2018) and El sueño de Malinche, a film by Gonzalo Suarez illustrated by Pablo Auladell.

He teaches, aswell, in the Ars in Fabula Illustration Master in Macerata (Italy).