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Javier Sáez Castán

Limoncito is a sweet Christmas story with an acid touch, like a lemon candy. Try it … maybe your life changes. (J. Sáez Castán)


Javier Sáez Castán

Limoncito. Un cuento de Navidad

*National Illustration Award of Spain (2016)

Limoncito. A Christmas fairytale, it’s not the typical Christmas fairytale, but, in fact, it is.

It’s Christmas Eve, set in a context in which everyone is reunited with their families around a large and plentiful Christmas dinner, the lost, apathetic and anti-social Elmer Campos remains drowsy and a bit drunk lying on his couch like the maja vestida.  That’s when Limoncito, his childhood teddy bear, appears and reminds him think of better times, the happy moments of his childhood.

Limoncito refuses to accept that the child who once saved his life is a drunk and a failure and decides to return him the favor, but it’s not easy at all. Here is when the Magic of Christmas appears on scene and it allows us to glimpse a hopeful ending with a touch of irony.

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20 original paintings on wood


From Alicante


Javier Sáez Castán