weartexhibitions | Don Fermín. A contemporary legend
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Don Fermín. A contemporary legend

Manuel Marsol

In the legend of Don Fermín, Marsol has explored in the history of Spanish art to work on his own legendary imagery: he gets rid of dragons and princesses and exchanges them with Meninas, Mozarabic architecture, Spanish Romanesque castles and Castilian landscape. (Alucinaje)


Manuel Marsol

Don Fermin. A contemporary legend

The first thing one thinks of when you hear legend is that we are facing something that happened so long ago that it is not known. Of course, a legend has many other characteristics: the oral tradition in which the people are the author and receiver of the story and whose fantasy modifies and disfigures details that are not clearly remembered; and the surprising facts that many times are based on myths and facts of supernatural or wonderful appearance.

If these stories depend on the people and the passage of time to finish fermenting, how can one create a legend in the present time?

Bio Manuel






21 original paintings on wood, 2 giclée prints y 1 notebook’s artist.


From Madrid


Manuel Marsol