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Ahab and the white whale

Manuel Marsol

For artists, the sea is a source of inspiration; for biologists, studies; and for the vast majority of people, a place where secrets seek refuge, associated with peace and holidays. However, for sailors the sea is the place where life has meaning. A meaning that became an obsession in Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick. (Edelvives)


Manuel Marsol

Ahab y la ballena blanca

* Edelvives International Picture Book Award 2014

* Illustrator’s Exhibition Bologna 2015

Manuel Marsol reinterprets the classic Moby Dick by Herman Melville in this illustrated album that looks to the world of obsessions from humour, the play of misunderstandings and cues between text and illustration. Ahab searched for the whale without considering that it was always ahead of him. A metaphor concerning how obsessions can sometimes lead to blindness. 

Biography Manuel






26 illustrations, 18 Giclée prints, 19 sketches, one notebook and other documents.


From Madrid


Manuel Marsol