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Manuel Marsol

We must get lost in the forest. Only our own lost state will make us comprehend the real meaning of it. (Heidegger)


Manuel Marsol


*8th International Prize for Illustration Bologna Children’s Book Fair – Fundación SM 2017

The jury of experts responsible for choosing the winner was composed of Rotraut Susanne Berner (Germany), Maria Jesús Gil (Spain), Lorenzo Mattotti (Italy). Commenting on their choice they explained, “Highly original and displaying excellent technique, the artist steps outside the mainstream to speak with an independent voice – an extremely rare quality. Using strongly symbolic language, the author presents striking images, whetting the reader’s curiosity to discover the rest of the story and what happens next. His strongly narrative yet at the same time, personal style, laced with irony and poetry, avails itself of a range of techniques, a versatility that combines an essentially pictorial quality with highly distinctive graphic ability”.

Biografía Manuel






24 original paintings on wood, and 2 notebook’s artist.


From Madrid in a box


Manuel Marsol