weartexhibitions | MALINCHE’S DREAM (El Sueño de Malinche)
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MALINCHE’S DREAM (El Sueño de Malinche)

MALINCHE’S DREAM (El Sueño de Malinche)

This film project directed by Gonzalo Suárez and illustrated by Pablo Auladell proposes a poetic review of the ambiguous encounter (because it is fatal and wonderful) between Cortés and Moctezuma and the mysterious presence of Malinche as a mediator between the two worlds.

Although made entirely with drawings, Malinche’s dream is not an animated film. The film shows a succession of static drawings on which the director moves the camera using the zoom and reframing details. The exhibition has a selection of 40 original drawings and sketches made for the film El sueño de Malinche, by Gonzalo Suárez.

Bio Pablo Auladell





40 original graphite drawings on paper, sketches, storyboard, and other documents.


From Madrid or Alicante (Spain)


Pablo Auladell