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The time of the giant

Manuel Marsol

Nothing has happened today. Nor today. Today eather. See? Nothing ever happens here. Maybe a mosquito, but nothing else. The days are like pine trees. They all look the same.

Will be always like that?

(The time of the giant)


Manuel Marsol

The time of the giant

*First prize from the V Catálogo Iberoamericano de Ilustración, Guadalajara-Mexico book fair 2014

*National AMADORA BD award for best foreign illustrator of a children’s album in Portugal 2015

The jury of the V Catálogo Iberoamericano unanimously decided to give Manuel Marsol the award for the outstanding artistic quality of his work evidenced in the refined graphic and plastic work, the poetic sensitivity to create atmospheres, his ability to awaken emotions and multiple readings and the consistency in the development of the character and the story.

El tiempo del gigante is a book about the passage of time. Silent, outwardly; inane, outwardly; devious, vibrant and majestic, the world speaks to our ears and life pulsates around us with its infinite variety. Absorbing, elusive and hypnotic, this book awakes in the child the certainty that they have felt something similar. Children and adults are invited to remember that there is a mystery hidden behind the most insignificant hours of the day; this mystery has no name but it within our reach and is an infinite source of wonder. (Fulgencio Pimentel)

Biography Manuel






1 original illustration; 20 giclée prints y 2 notebook’s artist


From Madrid.


Manuel Marsol