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Manuel Marsol

Where does the universe begin?

Where is there something instead of nothing?

Can a story be told with just questions?

Some stars suddenly appear and disappear 

in the starry sky with no explanation.

This is the journey of one of them.

(M. Marsol)


Manuel Marsol


* Illustrator’s Exhibition Bologna 2014

We could say that they are illustrations from another world and we wouldn’t be lying, however, Astro is so much more. There are questions, mystery. Trying to solve something and nothing at the same time, Marsol proposes possible answers to: what will it be like?; will there be life? will they be good, bad or both? is there also boredom there? would we be able to live, cohabit there? Existential questions aimed at space but that could well go elsewhere…

A journey into the unknown. To that which both fascinates and frightens. To the light and/or to darkness.

Biografía Manuel






23 original illustrations and collages mounted on passpartout and a notebook’s artist.


From Madrid in a wooden crate


Manuel Marsol